Connecting two worlds

Pontis is a neobank aimed at cryptocurrency owners. Thanks to our app you can spend cryptocurrency everywhere and not be afraid that your money will disappear, because funds on the main account are stored only in stabelcoins. 

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Why choose us


Transactions are borderless thanks to blockchain.

Wallets made easy

Send money by phone number, email or by scanning a QR code.

Easy exchange

Thanks to Pontis, you can
exchange cryptocurrency
for fiat instantly.


Pay online and offline purchases

With a Pontis attachment and a debit card you can pay in cryptocurrency all over the world. 


Send money to friends

Send and receive money instantly. Use cryptocurrency more conveniently. Send money by phone number or QR code.


Your money is protected from market changes

The cryptocurrency market is a very volatile thing. That’s why your money in the main account is always in stabelcoins. 


We will not leave you in trouble

You can write to support and they will help you solve your problems or clarify your questions. 


You don't have to worry about your money

Your accounts are protected to the highest standards. We don’t own or have access to your private keys, which means we have no access to your funds. 


Thanks to Pontis you can invest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs and tokenized stocks.

Future plans

Pontis card

We will offer our users a debit card that will allow them to pay with cryptocurrency everywhere and withdraw money from ATMs.


We will offer a solution that will allow you to get loans secured by cryptocurrency, your investment portfolio or NFT.


Don’t let cryptocurrency stagnate in your wallet. Stake cryptocurrencies and earn passive income.

Pontis wallet

So that our users can take full advantage of the world of cryptocurrencies. We will develop a multi-chain wallet that will allow to use Web3 to its full potential.


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